Tips For Successfully Visiting A Motel With Your Dog

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When you're taking a vacation as a family, you often have the choice of boarding your pet dog or taking it along on the adventure. Provided you'll be doing lots of outdoor activities in pet-friendly locations, it's ideal to travel with your pet by your side. When it comes to finding accommodations, you'll need to select pet-friendly motels. However, even if the motel welcomes your pet with open arms, you need to remember that many of your fellow guests are visiting without pets and don't want to be disturbed by them. Here are some tips for successfully visiting a motel with your pet dog.

Arrive With The Pet's Bed Or Crate

Traveling with the pet's usual bed or crate from home can help your furry friend feel comfortable in its new surroundings. Just as some travelers prefer taking their own pillows when they travel, your pet will appreciate the familiar feel and smell of its typical sleeping area — and this can help the pet settle down when it's time to sleep instead of feel anxious and disrupt your family and the guests in the adjacent rooms.

Give The Dog Lots Of Outdoor Exercise

Many dogs tend to behave better when they've been exercised, so make sure that you've taken your dog on a walk or run or simply played fetch in a nearby park before you visit the hotel. Although the dog might be curious about its new environment, it should ideally be relaxed after being exercised. This simple approach can often be the difference between a pet that hunkers down in its bed and falls asleep and one that paces and even barks.

Avoid Leaving The Dog For Long Stretches

While it's fine to leave your pet in the motel room when you're visiting somewhere that isn't pet-friendly, you want to ideally keep these situations to a minimum. Even if your dog is calm in the room when you're there, it might begin to feel anxious in the room by itself, especially when it hears noises and voices from the hallway and other rooms. The last thing you want is a dog that barks and disturbs other guests, so set up your travel schedule so your dog won't have to be locked up much. For example, instead of going out to dinner and leaving the dog at the motel, consider getting take-out food and enjoying a picnic at a local park.

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5 May 2016

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