What To Expect From Your Vacation In Downtown Smithers, British Columbia

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Smithers, British Columbia offers a vibrant mix of small town beauty mixed with big city amenities. When you look for a hotel in Smithers, a location in the downtown area puts you at the heart of the excitement. Here are just a few of the things you can expect from your stay in a Smithers hotel.

Access To Outdoor Adventures

Smithers is located next to the Bulkley River and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. It offers the perfect opportunity for mountain biking and climbing, skiing or hiking. When you choose a hotel in the downtown district, like Capri Motor Inn Smithers Hotel, you'll be within walking distance to local outdoor gear shops, so you can purchase or rent the equipment you need for your outdoor adventures. Fishing, hunting, horseback riding and mountaineering are also available to visitors to the area. Your hotel should be able to help you cart your skiing equipment or outdoor gear to your room for added convenience.

Close Proximity To Live Entertainment

During your stay in downtown Smithers, you won't need to travel far for access to live music. The downtown area has a vibrant music scene, and the town hosts a mid-summer music festival and several concerts in the downtown area. The Bulkley Valley Folk Music Society also hosts various events throughout the year. Your hotel's concierge or front desk manager can help you find dates and times for live events during your stay in Smithers.

Access To Delicious Dining

Whether you want to have a formal sit-down dinner at a fine dining establishment or you want a relaxed meal at a pub, you can find the perfect spot for dining in downtown Smithers. You can find traditional Canadian dishes, steaks, burgers and more all in the downtown area. If you aren't sure where to stop for a meal, ask the staff at the hotel to point you in the right direction. You'll also have access to a range of pubs and wine bars for relaxing with tasty drink.

Smithers, British Columbia offers a range of exciting attractions and events. Your Smithers hotel staff will help you to feel comfortable in your room and help you find the right attractions and businesses to make your trip a fun, exciting adventure. With so many different things to see and do, you'll get the benefits of a small town atmosphere with all the great entertainment and recreation options that come with a bigger city vacation.


9 December 2015

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