Three Strategies To Help You Keep Safe During Taxi Travel

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Whether you're visiting the bustling metropolis of Vancouver, the tourist-friendly sights of the Maritimes or anywhere in between, hailing a taxi is an effective way to get around the city. The benefits to riding in a taxi are many—you don't have to let navigating detract from your enjoyment of being a tourist and you won't have to contend with the hassle of trying to find cheap parking in a city with which you're unfamiliar. While taxi travel is advantageous, it's always important to keep safe using this method of transportation, especially when you're traveling at night. Adopting these three strategies can maximize your chances of safety.

Arrange Your Ride In Advance

It can be dangerous to walk through a dark city looking for a taxi to flag down from the sidewalk, especially if you don't know the area. Instead of standing out in public and hoping that a taxi will drive past, use any of the numerous available methods of arranging your ride in advance. You can call a taxi company or use a mobile app, for example, to arrange for a driver to visit your location at a specific time and pick you up. Either method ensures that you can stay in a safe location where you can reduce your risk of being targeted by a pickpocket or mugger, especially if you're in a dangerous part of a city.

Don't Look For Shortcuts

Any time you're riding in a taxi, you can be tempted to get dropped off a short distance away from your destination as a way to save a little money on the cost of the fare. It's better, however, to ensure that your driver drops you off directly adjacent to where you need to go, such as the front entrance of a hotel. Getting out early and cutting through a dark parking lot or alley increases your risk of being a victim of a street crime. Even if the traffic is heavy, it's always safest to stay in the vehicle until you arrive at a safe destination.

Handle Your Money Inside

To save time, some travelers hop out of the taxi once it reaches the destination and pay the driver through his or her window. If you take this approach, you might find yourself standing in a public area trying to juggle your wallet, purse and spare change, which can make you a target. It's safer to pay the driver before you leave the vehicle and ensure that you're no longer handling money when you climb out.

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2 September 2015

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