3 Questions To Ask To Ensure You Get The Best Motel Room

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Whether you are staying in a motel for business or for pleasure, you probably want to ensure that you get the best room. Although you can often make some selections in regards to your room during booking, in some cases, you don't have much say in the type of room that you will be getting. Luckily, asking a few questions at the front desk will help you secure the best room.

1. Is My Motel Room Near the Elevator?

In very large hotels, you might want to choose a room that is close to the elevator so that you can avoid long walks. If you don't mind the walk and would like a little more peace and quiet, however, you might want to ask for a room that is farther away from the elevator. These are often easy to get since many people want their rooms to be convenient, and you'll be able to enjoy a quieter experience if you aren't near the hustle and bustle of the elevator.

2. Which Floors Are Available?

The right floor for you will depend on a few things. If you are disabled or are traveling with someone who is, or if you are bringing along a lot of luggage, you might want to ask for a first-floor room if there is one available. However, if you would prefer a better view -- particularly in a motel that is near a big city or some sort of beautiful scenery -- then a higher floor will generally be your best choice.

3. Have Any of Your Rooms Been Renovated Lately?

Many motels do not do all of their remodeling at one time. To help prevent loss of business and to avoid bothering guests any more than necessary, a lot of motels remodel their rooms in stages. You might not be automatically offered a remodeled room, but if you ask if there are any available, you could find out about fresher and more modern rooms that will be more appealing and more comfortable.

You might already know to ask about smoking and non-smoking rooms, but there's a good chance that you just take the room that is offered to you when you stay at a motel. Luckily, if you ask a few questions when you are checking in, you can find out more about the rooms that are available and can choose the one that is best for you. Use these tips the next time you stay somewhere like Ambassador Motor Inn.


1 September 2015

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